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Designed by architect Nicolò Drioli and built by Impresa Martelanz (a firm whose construction work includes other notable examples, such as the foundations of the Banca d'America e d'Italia buildings, the warehouses of the San Marco shipyards, as well as numerous eclectic-style villas in the Barcola neighbourhood). The building still displays a late eclectic style with proto-rationalist elements..


The original building consisted of a central part, where the bedrooms were, and a 12-metre-high belvedere turret (where one of our rooms is located today). The living room and the kitchen were on the ground floor, in the most prominent part of the building.

Just like the other 19th-century villas in the Barcola neighbourhood, Villa Tergeste stands at about four or five metres above the street below (Viale Miramare) and not at street level. Despite having undergone several changes from the original design over the course of time, the building still retains its typical 19th-century taste and historicity.

A stone's throw from Miramare Castle...
In the 1950s, Villa Kozmann became a Youth Hostel (Ostello Tergeste) thanks to the personal interest of the well-known Triestine entrepreneur Hausbrandt (famous in the coffee industry). The building underwent several changes in order to optimise its accommodation capacity, including the construction of a new wing on the right side of the building and the demolition of the basement. The implementation of these changes was entrusted to architect Pietro Vascotto.
Ostello Tergeste was also the first hostel in Italy to become part of the Italian Association of Youth Hostels (A.I.G.). From 1959 onwards, further changes were made to the building, both externally and internally. Despite this, at least externally, the Villa still retains the typical appearance of a residential dwelling of the early 20th-century Trieste bourgeoisie.

This hotel assures its guests a culturally wide-ranging and peaceful stay.

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